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​Individually designed wrist malas made with 6mm beads and cotton thread. These malas are created in the traditional way with a knot between every bead. They are not stretchy and must be slipped on and off carefully over your hand. There is one photo of each mala and they are in order, so you can match the picture to the numbers below.


Please specify which mala number you would like when you order. The price is £18 plus £3.00 p&p.


Mala 1 - Rudraksha and rose quartz, with rose quartz Sumeru bead and pink cotton tassel. 1 available.


Mala 2 - Rudraksha, malachite, butter jade and green aventurine, finished with a malachite Sumeru bead and green cotton tassel. ​1 available. 


Mala 3 - Rudraksha, malachite, ambronite, carnelian and garnet, finished with a garnet Sumeru bead and minimalist yellow tassel with 2 Rudraksha beads. ​1 available.


Mala 4 - Rudraksha, malachite, amazonite, rose quartz, rhodonite and howlite, finished with a howlite Sumeru bead and burgundy cotton tassel. ​1 available.


Mala 5 - Rudraksha, turquoise, amazonite, and ambronite, finished with a turquoise Sumeru bead and yellow cotton tassel. ​1 available.


Mala 6 - Rudraksha, malachite, butter jade and amazonite, finished with a rudraksha Sumeru bead and green cotton tassel. ​1 available.


Mala 7 - Rudraksha, turquoise and amazonite, finished with a turquoise Sumeru bead and orange cotton tassel. ​1 available.

Hand knotted wrist malas

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