Woman doing yoga outdoors next to sea in Wales

Trauma-informed yoga

Using Zoom video conferencing, I teach two weekly online group yoga classes, as well as private, one to one sessions. 

Whether or not you have a trauma history, it's important to realise that you are the real expert when it comes to your own body. Many of us move through day to day life detached from our bodily experience, due to living in a fast-paced, results-oriented society which values productivity above all. When we lose touch with our bodies and our bodily sensations, this reduces our ability to notice and respond to our body’s signals which in turn reduces our agency in changing habits and behaviours that might be unhelpful.


When facilitating yoga sessions, my approach is to encourage participants to embrace their personal agency and to act whenever necessary to modify or ignore instructions which are not appropriate for them. This approach lets go of the traditional, hierarchical model of teaching, in which the teacher is  seen as the “expert” and the student is somehow beneath them. A trauma-informed approach aims to redress this power imbalance, restoring peoples' agency and helping them to rebuild trust in the wisdom of their own bodies.

To join one of my group classes or book a one to one, please get in touch. Full details of my two group classes are here