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A selection of items for sale, including my relaxation (yoga nidra)  CD, hand-made malas and my CD of devotional mantra chanting, Calling from Within.



Hand-knotted wood and crystal malas

Made in Wales with love 

Mala beads are used during mantra meditation and can also be worn to keep your core purpose close to your heart. The creation of a hand-knotted mala is a meditation in itself, as each bead is separated from the next by a knot of Brahma. A Sumeru (summit) or Guru bead completes the mala and marks the beginning and end of a mala rotation. A neck mala contains 108 beads and a wrist mala 27. 108 is considered a sacred number in yoga and 27 is a division of 108.

True Nature malas are individually handmade using high quality, ethically sourced materials. The price reflects the quality of materials used and the hours that go into designing and hand-making each item. Custom orders are possible if you have specific beads in mind, but these orders will take longer to fulfil because I may have to source additional materials. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements before you make a custom order. 

Mala Materials
​​Rudraksha Beads - Known as Shiva's Tears or Shiva's Eye, these beautiful beads come from the blue marble tree. Shiva is said to have wept tears of compassion for the suffering of humankind, caused by our obsession with the material world at the expense of deeper contentment and joy.  "Shiva's Eye" refers to the Ajna chakra or third eye, the energy centre associated with intuition and clear perception. Rudraksha seeds are thought to help us drop our attachment to controlling worldly affairs and to live in the world with greater ease and acceptance. 

Sandalwood beads - These wonderful smelling beads are believed to help calm the mind and to induce a more focused meditative state. The scent of sandalwood is also believed to support our vital life force and to bring greater vitality.

Crystal beads - A variety of natural crystal beads are used, each having its own unique qualities. There are many useful books and websites with information about the attributes of crystals if you are interested in finding out more.

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