Trauma Informed Yoga and Psychotherapy


Louise Thorndycraft, BA Hons, BWYDip, PGDip, MBACP

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope the information you find here will help you decide if my approach is a good fit for you. I am currently offering online and telephone counselling/ psychotherapy and online group and private yoga sessions. Based in Cwmfelin Boeth in Carmarthenshire, I expect to offer face to face counselling sessions again once there is more clarity about the ongoing impact of Coronavirus.

Since 2007, I have taught yoga in a wide variety of community settings with diverse client groups and, in 2016, I participated in trauma sensitive yoga training to enable me to more fully support people with trauma histories. My psychotherapeutic training enables me to work with clients at greater depth and has also helped to integrate my passion for embodiment practices with an awareness of the key theories of humanistic and somatic psychotherapy and recent discoveries in neuroscience. I am currently undertaking Masters research on the impact of somatic psychotherapies on adult survivors of developmental trauma. 

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How can I help? 

Skills and experience.


I support people of all ages and backgrounds to process the painful emotions surrounding the loss of loved ones. My experience includes working with complex and traumatic loss. 

Anxiety and Depression

Regulating the nervous system can bring swift and lasting relief from the debilitating symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Prescription drugs

I work with people using a variety of prescribed psychiatric drugs and have undertaken additional training on all stages of the medication process, including supporting clients who wish to safely withdraw from their medication.

Women's Wellbeing

I enjoy supporting women of all ages and backgrounds to find greater empowerment in every stage of life. I have supported women through the challenges presented by pregnancy, baby loss, infertility and menopause.

Pain conditions

The bodymind philosophies of yoga and humanistic therapy can greatly improve  symptoms of all types of chronic illness and pain.


My yoga and therapy work is informed by polyvagal theory and the neuroscience of attachment, supporting your nervous system and emotions to find balance.


"I am so grateful for being able to say what I wanted to, for being able to cry without fear of upsetting anyone, for being able to give myself permission to say no. Thank you Louise."

— Sue, Carmarthenshire


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Please send me a message or phone on 01994 241260 - you can leave an answerphone message if I'm not available and I will return your call.

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